The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Backdrop Stand

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One photography fact that may amaze you is that every 2 minutes, modern day people snap more pictures than the whole humanity did in the 17th century. Yes, that’s true. Only a few images were taken in 1800s, until the first commercial camera was introduced. Kodak reported that by 1999, we had already taken 80 billion pictures.

The truth is that most of these pictures are taken by smartphones and most of them do not have the best quality because we rely on man-made or nature scenes. But the moment you step for a shoot in the studio, things change.

If you are a pro photographer with plans to set up your own studio, having a backdrop and a stand can make you a more successful photographer.

In this article we will be looking at everything you need to know about photography stands, including why you need one, what to look for in the best stand and the list of top 5 backdrop stands to buy.

What Is a Backdrop Stand?

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A stand is used to set up different backgrounds when making portrait photographs. Most background stands are equipped with adjustable tubes to allow easy adjustment of size to accommodate the subject and background. To make it easy to use them, most come with clamping systems such as Wingnuts that keep the tubes together.

The recent use of photography backdrops has encouraged the use of stands as these spur creativity within a photographers environs. Lack of one means you may need to move and search for creativity that’s relevant to the market. They can transform a boring wall into a stunning scene when the backdrop is draped over.

Factors to consider for best backdrop stand.

The benefits of buying a stand becomes clear when you work without one. Besides, what’s the need of investing in a batch of muslin backdrops if you cannot place them nicely at the background?

This is where a backdrop stand becomes a must-have. It allows you to arrange everything that you think might depict creativity and the theme. In addition to masking a distracting background, a backdrop stand allows you to concentrate on the core task – taking amazing photos.

Some of the major advantages of using a backdrop stand are:


When investing in a backdrop stand, it’s important to assess whether you will be carrying it from the shooting area to your studio. Many stands, especially the portable stands made with aluminum come with a carrying bag included. Choose models with a bag that’s durable and made from canvas or nylon as these tend to provide a long-lasting service.


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As mentioned earlier, most backdrops come with a locking mechanism to adjust the height to keep the bars in place, while allowing for easier adjustability. While this is their main advantage, different stands provide different telescoping abilities, so it’s good to go for ones that offer enough flexibility for your room.


The construction material used determine how effective the stand is. The material used affect the strength and ability to support the weight of backdrops. Most stands are constructed using aluminum alloys, steel and other metals.


Depending on the type of stand you go for, it should not wobble with the weight of the backdrop. Look for those with wide feet or bases and heavy-duty when using heavy backdrops. The good thing with current stands is the ability to adjust the feet for maximum stability.


Most quality stands cost at the range of $50 and $100. For low-cost backdrop stand, you get the lightweight and portable models that have a single frame. For the mid-price, you should get both the light and heavy-duty models. For high-end models, you should get a stand that’s extremely sturdy and professional-grade. The right thing is to balance the cost and quality you get.

What Are Your Options?

The market provides a ton of backdrop stands with each bragging to have the superior option. A backdrop stand is a long-term investment, meaning that you want to invest in a good system to support your backdrops.

There are many manufacturers who are known to make high-quality backdrops stands and in this section we discuss the top manufacturers that are well-known for producing quality backdrop stands:


If it the first time you are buying backdrops and don’t want to risk going with a newer brand that is not proven, then EMART will suit you.

EMART has made a name in backdrop photography field and are one of the world leaders when it comes to making stands for photography backdrops and backgrounds as well as mount boards and studio equipment.

You can rarely go wrong with backdrops stands from EMART as they are quality and durable. They may come at a higher price as compared to many other stands in the market, but you will be spending your money on a stand that is worth it.

There are many backdrop support system stands you will find made by EMART, and thus you will have to choose the right one.


Another great brand that is known to make quality backdrop stands is MOUNTDOG. This is one of the world leader in making photography equipment as well as video lighting equipment. They are a trusted brand and most of their stands have garnered hundreds of reviews, which shows that consumers trust them.

Most of their stands are affordable as they are designed with both beginners and professional photographers in mind.

Therefore, if you want to buy background stands from a trusted brand, MOUNTDOG products will not disappoint you.


JULIUS STUDIO has appealed to many photographers thanks to the innovative products they have continued to develop. Their products are well-known by top digital and film experts.

The backdrop stands as well as lighting products made by this brands are majorly preferred by professionals. However, this is not to mean that these products are not ideal for beginners.


This is an upcoming brand that is trying to create a name in the photography equipment field. Their creative backdrop stands are beginning to garner popularity among beginner and pro photographers.

For photographers who have already used backdrop stands, this is a brand worth a consideration. It has products that can take your photography to a whole new level.


No more use hanging hooks and fishing rods to support your backdrops. Ensure you get yourself a durable and long-lasting stand to improve the quality of your shots.

The above brands we have discussed makes great photography backdrops stands. You can rarely go wrong by picking a backdrop stand from any of these top brands.

We do hope you found our guide helpful.

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