A Simplified Guide to Wedding Photography

Wedding photography, bride and groom coming out of the church after ceremony

Wedding photography is among the well-paid forms of professional photography. While trends come and go, the need to preserve memories from weddings is something that has remained constant for every couple.

This means that as a wedding photographer, you need to do your work perfectly. Remember that weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, and thus there is very little room for error. Therefore, you have to be prepared for the big day and know what you’re doing.

The aim of our guide is to offer several important tips on how to do wedding photography right… Keep reading to learn more.

Reach Out to an Expert In Wedding Photography

If you are a beginner in wedding photography and have not done one before, don't rush into a wedding photoshoot. There are two reasons for this.

One, you are documenting one of the most important days and moments in the life of a couple. If you get it wrong, you are likely to ruin their memories, and they will not have good pictures to remember.

Two, your work during this time will sell/break your brand. If you fail to take the best shots, your brand might take a downfall, and it will be hard to recover from this.

Have a List of Shots

Brides shoes

Don't let your mind fool you that you will recall photographing everything without a list. The pressure of photographing details in a wedding gets a little too much, and you can easily go blank. If you miss a crucial shot at a wedding, there is no other chance to re-shoot- you either get the shot or you don't.

Therefore, to avoid missing out on photographing important details, we advise that you make a list of shots. You can ask the couple for a list of things they need to appear on their album. This will easily guide you on what to photograph before and during the wedding day.

Keep Backups In Handy

Again, weddings are a once in a lifetime event, and thus you have to prepare for any inconveniences to ensure that you document every crucial moment. Therefore, have backups of everything in handy- from extra camera, batteries and speed lights to SD cards and lenses.

If you cannot afford to buy your own backup items, the best thing is to rent. For a beginner, renting camera gear might be the best option.

Scout the Wedding Location

Weddings can be overwhelming, and thus you will need to study the wedding venue well to know where there is a good background for group photos, where reception is, etc.

By scouting the venue, you will be able to spot the best locations for different shots. You can even visit the venue severally before a wedding to familiarize yourself with the best spots. This will make it easier for you to photograph wedding details in a hassle-free way.


bride and groom walking down the steps

It can be tricky to know the right exposure to use, especially when you are taking indoor shots during a wedding. This is because it might be darker than outside.

Again, scouting will help you know the scenes with different light conditions. You can practice and learn the best settings to use in all those scenes to help you capture compelling images.

Silence Your Camera

The sound of your camera can be distracting, especially during silent moments at weddings. Therefore, be sure to turn off your camera sound to avoid alerting your subjects that you are capturing them. This also allows you to get a natural photo of your subject since they will be captured unaware.


bride and groom kissing in the car

There are several intertwined arts of wedding photography - lighting, location, and pose. Although most of the shots during weddings will not require the subject to pose, there are a few staging images you will need to take, and this is where posing comes in handy.

It can be challenging to teach people how to pose, but this could make a huge difference between usual and stunning shots. Therefore, know how to pose as not everyone feels comfortable in front of cameras.

Finally, Have Fun

Weddings are a time for fun and celebrations. Although, as a wedding photographer, you should try to remain as discreet as possible, make sure to have a chat with the guests, and enjoy the day!

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