6 Cute and Classy Newborn Photography Props

Sleeping newborn baby, newborn photography

To create adorable and stunning newborn pictures, you need to have creative props for newborn photography. Props can be the difference between amateur-looking photos and high-quality, professional newborn photos.

After all, you may have the best DSLR camera, lighting gear, and photographic knowledge on how to get exposure and depth of field right, but still end up with boring newborn pictures. Conversely, a beginner photographer can get great newborn images with some creativity and planning.

Here are 6 creative newborn photography props that are not only safe to use for baby, but also cute and affordable.

NOTE: Always prioritize the safety of the baby over a cute prop- a photo will mean nothing if the prop ends up injuring the infant. Therefore, ensure the props are well-built and sturdy. Ensure the prop is big enough to accommodate the baby without them feeling uncomfortable. Use a blanket between the baby and props to keep them comfortable. With that in mind, let’s talk about newborn photo prop ideas;


Newborn sleeping on the beanbag

Nikon D750, f4, 1/80

Wraps are both cute and practical since they keep the baby warm and look cute. This means you can have the baby photographed outdoor. A snug swaddle that is not too tight will keep the baby in pose and prevent them from moving around.

In addition to keeping the baby comfortable during photo shoots, wraps act as a versatile photo prop. You can wrap the baby in different ways - from open eggshell style to a traditional swaddle style. Wraps can also be used to add a splash of colors in newborn photography.

When buying wraps, go for those designed for newborn photography since they often work best as they are stretchy and long.

In addition to wraps, you can also use baby blankets to make the baby more comfortable.

Stuffed Animal Toys

newborn baby with a toy

Canon EOS 600D, f2.2, 1/100

These are another inexpensive newborn photography props you can use to add interest in your baby portraits. They make it easy for you to pose the baby and also add a cuteness factor to the images. It is always good to have a classic teddy bear with you during newborn photography sessions or ask the parents to bring their favorite stuffed animal toys with them.

The parents will be happy to have a memorable item captured in a photo, and this may even give you a chance to capture a few more smiles on their faces.

Headbands and Hats

Newborn baby in the hat sleeping in the basket

Nikon D750, f 4, 1/125

These photo props add interest to your shots and keep the baby snug. You can switch headbands and hats without waking the baby, which makes them great props for adding variety to similar poses.

Ensure that the headband or hat is sized for a newborn. Look for headbands that suit the baby's head- you don't want a flower as large as the baby’s head.

Just like wraps, ensure that the headbands and hats have baby-friendly material. There are endless options online when it comes to finding cute headbands and hats for newborn photography.

Baskets/Boxes/Wooden Crates

Newborn baby sleeping in the basket

Nikon D750, f5, 1/125

Placing the baby on top of a colorful blanket in a wooden crate or basket will create a cute newborn shot. Make sure the crate is sturdy and lowly built, and don’t place the baby directly on the crate. Use blankets to make the place comfortable and safe for the baby.

There are different styles of crates and baskets you can choose from- you will find vintage wooden crates as well as modern ones.

Neckties and Tutus

Often, clothing is baggy on newborns, which is why most newborn photos are done in baby's birthday suit, in wraps, or simple clothing.

Neckties and tutus can be cute props for newborn photos. A necktie can be used on a baby boy, while tutus add feminine flair on baby girls.

Both are great for keeping the baby's private parts covered while still making it possible to photograph babies in their birthday suit.

Just like headbands and hats, make sure the tutus and neckties are appropriately sized. There are many varieties of tutus and neckties for a baby you can get online.

Moms/Dads Hands

Newborn baby in mums hands

Nikon D750, f4.5, 1/125

How can a newborn photography session be complete without the most important prop - Mommy’s or daddy’s hands?

There are many poses you can do using parents. You can place the baby on either or both parents’ hands. Take close-up shots of them holding their baby.

You can also have both of them hold the baby’s feet as their hands form the shape of a heart.

In addition, you can have them wear their wedding rings or an item of personal memorabilia such as daddy’s football glove or a religious chain.

Another prop idea involving parents is to request them to bring their favorite props. This can be anything such as a family heirloom, career badges, etc.

Bottom Line

There are endless possibilities when it comes to photo props for newborn photography. However, keep in mind that safety should always come first,

There are many safe ideas for beginner photographers who are yet to master newborn photography. The best props for a newborn should be versatile, safe, and affordable.

From wraps and stuffed animal toys to neckties and parents' hands, newborn photography props add interest and variety to the shots. They also help to draw attention to the subject - the newborn.

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