How to photograph wedding details - tricks and tips

Wedding flowers. close up

A wedding is one of most important days of life for every couple. If you are tasked with the job of taking wedding photos, it is your responsibility to capture every detail and best moments for the couples. Remember that weddings are a one-time event and thus there is very little room for trial and error.

You need to ensure that you get your exposure and focus right. Here are some of the best wedding photography tips to help you get it right with every shot;

Gather all the key components in advance

Before you arrive at the wedding, request the bride to assemble all the items she would like included in her album. Find a well-lit area and shoot all the items. Ask the bride to have the gown hanging from a hanger with no pins or stuffing so that you can style it the way you want it to appear.

Having all the key components gathered for you in advance not only saves time but also ensures that nothing is forgotten. It also reduces your activities on the day and gives you more time to shoot perfect shots of the important events during the day.

Choose your ideal light source

Diamond Wedding Ring

Canon D600, f5.6, 1/8

There are many ways of using light when shooting your wedding details. The best shots are those captured using the soft, directional light from the window. When shooting wedding details before people start arriving, you may need to turn off incandescent bulbs in the room and set the background to be adjacent to the window so as to take advantage of the gorgeous light coming from the window.

If there are plenty of windows, you can use a reflector or large white object in the room so as to direct light towards the object. You can get creative with this.

To capture reception details, you may need to use artificial light and avoid camera flash. This setting will help you create great shots.

Use a shallow depth of field when shooting wedding details

Wedding flowers, depth of field

Nikon D7100, 1/80, f1.4

You may need to use a larger aperture - between f/1.4 and f/2.5 when capturing focal points so as to fade all the distracting elements in the background. Most of the time, your wedding photos will require you to focus on major details, which makes sense to use a shallow depth of field.

Balance your shots

When positioning wedding items within the frame to create visually-appealing photos, you need to balance your shots. For example, when you are shooting the rings or earrings positioned on the right side in a single frame, you may need to have something else on the right to counter the weight on the left side of the frame. You need to get creative with your shots.

Bottom Line

Ensuring that your camera is functioning properly without any hitches will help you make adjustments easily.

Make sure you carry all sufficient accessories needed and have an extra camera, lights, and lens- prepare for any unforeseen circumstances.

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