Best Canon Full Frame Cameras - Reviews and Buying Guide

Canon Camera close up

Canon has not been left behind when it comes to making full-frame cameras. A full-frame camera is one with a sensor measuring 36 millimeters by 24 millimeters. It is also referred to as a 35 millimeters camera; its sensor was that of 35 millimeters film in film cameras.

These cameras are common among professional photographers because they offer a superior image and video quality, perform well even in low light shooting, and have a wide dynamic range. They also facilitate a shallower depth of field.

Below, we review 4 of the best Canon full-frame cameras to choose from.


Canon EOS RP

Canon EOS RP

This is by far the best full-frame mirrorless camera 2020 unit by Canon. It is also quite affordable for its superior features.

26.2 Megapixel CMOS Sensor

This mirrorless full-frame camera comes with a 26.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and an ISO range of 100 to 40,000 that can be expanded to 50 to 102,400, making it one of the best mirrorless full-frame cameras. This unit also features the Dual Pixel AF system, which has a sensitivity of F11 and as many as 4779 AF positions. It also has an AF for eye and faces detection.

4K Video

This full-frame compact camera does 4K video shooting at 24 fps or 25 fps, but only if you are using a 1.7x APS-C sensor. As a result, the videos tend to suffer from heavy cropping. It also shoots Full HD videos at up to 60fps.

Flip-around Touch Screen LCD

The 3.0” LCD of this unit is fully articulating and touch-enabled, making it the right choice for vloggers. The 2.38 M dot OLED viewfinder of this unit has a magnification ratio of 0.7x and 100% coverage. Thus, ensuring that the image that is viewed from the lens is the same as that on the LCD.

The camera has ideal connectivity features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, USB 3.0 port, a headphone port, and a microphone port.

Weight and Size

At only 485 grams, including the battery, this camera is quite lightweight. It measures 133mm x 85mm x 70 mm. This means you can carry it with you without tiring.


  • It has a vari-angle LCD

  • It has Built-In WiFi

  • Pocket friendly

  • Lightweight, at 485 grams

  • Excellent performance in low-light shooting


  • Has no in-built flash

  • Limited range of native lenses

Canon EOS 6D Mark II

camera Canon

Are you searching for a decent full-frame camera but don’t want to spend a lot of money? Canon EOS 6D II is your best bet. Canon has been working to bring full-frame photography targeting the masses by launching pocket-friendly units, and the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is one of their cheapest full frame camera. Let’s take have a look at the features that makes it stand out.

26 Megapixel Sensor

This unit for the money has a 26 MP sensor. Its ISO ranges between 100 and 40,000, but it can be extended to 102,500. This wide range makes this camera suitable for shooting in lowly-lit or high ISO scenes. The 26 MP sensor uses the Dual Pixel CMOS sensor to facilitate quick phase-detection autofocusing even under Live View.

1080p Video

This camera can shoot 1080p videos at up to 60fps, which is an improvement from 30fps in the original 6D model. However, it lacks a 4K resolution, which gives this camera a basic video performance.

Articulated Touch-screen LCD

The 6D Mark II was the first Canon camera ever to have this kind of screen. The 3” articulated screen makes angle shooting easier. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for vlogging and taking self-portraits, but one needs to mount because it is too heavy for handholding for long. The screen can be folded against the camera back to prevent scratching. The viewfinder has 97 percent coverage, which is not impressive compared to 100 percent coverage of the other Canon cameras in this review.


  • Weather sealed

  • Has an impressive battery life of 1200 shots

  • Quite affordable

  • Articulated LCD


  • No 4K video

  • It comes with a single card slot

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Canon 5D image

Even though it has been in the market for four years, Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is still regarded as the best Canon full-frame camera by many photographers. With impressive features and excellent performance, it is not surprising why this this camera attracts a hefty price.

Let’s take a look at its main features.

30.4 Megapixel Sensor

The 30.4-megapixel resolution is more than you need for most types of photography. It has an ISO range of 100 to 32,000, which is the dream of most events photographers. The Dual Pixel AF Tech helps it achieve up to 7fps continuous shooting.

4K Video

The 4K video shooting of this camera is even better because of the Canon’s Dual Pixel AF Tech. This technology facilitates quick phase-detection autofocus of the entire image when shooting, which leads to improved overall video quality. The negative side of this technology is that the file sizes are too large. This Canon DSLR’s Full HD 1080p video shooting is also impressive.

3.2” Fixed LCD

This DSLR unit for professionals comes with a 1.62 M dot, 3.2” fixed screen for playback, adjusting the menu, and Live View. The screen is touch-enabled for better control. Unfortunately, the fixed screen limits angle shooting. It uses a bright and full optical viewfinder with a magnification rating of .7x and 100 percent coverage.

It is also worth noting that Canon EOS 5D Mark IV comes with built-in WiFi and GPS. GPS allows landscape photographers to geotag the images.


  • High ISO Capacity

  • In-built GPS and WiFi

  • Dual card slots

  • It uses Dual Pixel AF Tech

  • It delivers superior quality images and videos

  • It has a high 30.4-megapixel resolution


  • Heavily cropped 4K video

  • The screen doesn’t tilt

Canon EOS R

Canon EOS R image

This is another great camera from Canon that is ideal for beginners as well as high-end photography enthusiasts. Being a mirrorless full frame camera is a perfect mix of Canon 6D Mk II and 5D Mk IV and, thus, it is the best professional camera for beginners.

30.3 Megapixel sensor

The 30.3 MP resolution is a balance of the resolutions of low end and high-end full-frame cameras. Its ISO ranges between 100 and 40,000, but it can be expanded to between 50 and 102,400, which delivers quality performance even in low-light conditions. This resolution is enough to meet the photography needs of any semi-professional photographer.

4K Video

Canon EOS R records quality 4K and 1080p videos. However, 4K recording is only up to 30 fps, while 1080p recording is limited at 60 fps. For higher shooting, say 120 fps, one needs to drop downwards to 720p. Besides, 4K videos suffer heavy cropping, and the absence of image stabilization also affects the quality of the videos.

Flip-out LCD

The touch-enabled screen is first folded out towards the side before being rotated 180 degrees for tilt functionality. As such, the screen can be tiresome to operate. However, this is the first full-frame camera with a front-facing display, which comes in handy for vloggers.

Furthermore, Canon EOS R has been fully weather-sealed. It also has built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, USB 3.0 port, and supports in-camera battery charging. As such, this camera gives excellent performance for its price.


  • Quality construction

  • High resolution and ISO performance

  • Weather-sealed for outdoor photography

  • Sensor protection when the camera is off

  • Impressive battery life


  • It has a single card slot

  • It requires a joystick

  • It lacks in-built image stabilization

Best Canon Full Frame Buying Guide

As evident in the above four reviews, different cameras have different specs, which contributes to the distinct performance of these cameras. This guide will help you peg down your specific requirements and preferences.


Resolution is the first thing you need to pay attention to. It significantly affects the quality of the images. In most cases, the higher the camera’s resolution, the better the image quality. But unless you intend to print the pictures in extra-large sizes, all the cameras reviewed here will give an almost similar appearance. Bear in mind that with higher resolutions, weaknesses are magnified, and you thus need to focus on your subject accurately.

Lens Cost

Most probably, you already know your camera budget, but have you put into consideration the lens cost? A full-frame camera will not give quality images when used with a low-quality lens. Some cameras such as Canon 6D Mark II come with kit lenses that you may use as you save money for a quality lens. Before buying the camera, research and have an idea of the cost you will incur to acquire lens.

Video Quality

Canon is known to deliver the best video quality, and the full-frame models don’t disappoint. If you are keen on video shooting, the best camera for you should have the capacity to shoot 4K videos. However, even with 4K cameras, you need to be aware that some, such as the Canon EOS R, results in crop down the image’s frame.

Mirrorless Vs. DSLR

Mirrorless cameras are more compact and lightweight but often have a small battery and a shorter battery lifespan. On the other hand, DSLRs are heavier and bulkier but tend to have a longer battery lifespan. Your personal preference will determine the right one for you.

Weather Sealing

Each Canon full flame camera reviewed here has been weather sealed. This means that certain parts of the camera have been sealed, covered, and rubberized to prevent water and dust from entering the camera. Unfortunately, weather sealing has no standard measurement. You may have to check other user’s reviews to gauge the reliability of a camera’s weather sealing before making a purchase decision.

Size and weight

The weight of the camera you go should be one of the main things you need to consider irrespective of whether you are a product photographer, landscape photographer, wedding photographer, or a sports photographer. You don’t need a camera that bags you down because of its weight and size. Canon is known to make lightweight cameras, and thus you need to choose one with size and weight that suit your needs.

By using the information in this buyer’s guide, you should be able to spot a canon camera that best suit your needs.


Full frame cameras are an expensive investment, and you need to make sure that you make a decision you will cherish for long. These cameras deliver quality images, clear videos alongside other advantages that make them popular in the photography industry. With this review, you will be able to make an informed, confident decision as you take your photography to the next level.

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