Old cameras

A Brief History of Photography

How many photographs are there on the earth? How many photos does people make every day? A party photographer today may take as many shots in one busy day as a photographer in the 1880s took during an entire year.

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1893. Old dark room, Boston Camera Club, Bromfield St.

The Interesting History of Photo Editing or Photo Manipulation

What professional photo editors used to use before the famous days of photo retouching programs such as Photoshop? What were the method they used to create the first shot techniques that are still popular in photo industry?

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Photography for beginners

Photography is a captivating process and a very creative hobby that makes you happier. It is well said that you don’t take the photograph, you make it. Now a days it is very easy to take photography as a hobby.

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Welcome to Photography for beginners!

We are glad that you have landed on our site. We have taught many photographers around the world how to perfect their photography skills, and thus we know it can be difficult to learn the principles of photography. Our guides offers simplest ways to learn the basics of photography in the shortest time possible.

Therefore, if you are feeling that the auto camera mode is limiting your creativity, and want to go the manual setting way and explore other camera settings to be able to take your photography to another level, you are at the right place.

We have user detailed guides and actionable tips for both beginner and intermediate photographers loaded with practical information on how to improve various aspects of photography.

It is true that you can have the best camera and have general understanding of how to take a picture- however, getting perfect shots that match your vision on a consistent basis is where it gets tough. It can take some time before you master the basic tips and take a photo that you actually like, but do not let your failures dissuade you from learning more about perfecting photography.

To help you brush up your photography skills and graduate from using your iPhone to using a DSLR with confidence, we have summarized and step-by-step guides on photography for beginners. The materials and resources you will find on our site will help you build your photography knowledge and also help you advance to the next level.

Understanding Different Image File Types - JPG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, RAW

When taking a photograph, your camera essentially captures data and converts it to a digital image. Depending on the file format, the photograph can be retrieved and edited via photo editing software. There's an extensive list of image file types to use, and this list looks like JPG, PNG, TIFF, PS...

File formats

How To Handle Hands - Posing Women’s Hands

One question that always arises during many portrait photography sessions is- "Where should I put my hands?" And this is usually followed by a nervous laugh. So, where should a client put their hands during portrait photography? The truth is that hand poses can break or make a great portrait. It c...

women posing guide, hand positioning

The Ultimate Guide to Organising Successful Christmas Mini Sessions

Photo mini sessions are always fun, exciting, and lucrative. It is a great way of accumulating substantial money in just a few days. However, making quick cash should not be your main priority as a photographer- you should think of photo mini sessions as a way of widening your clientele base. Whi...

Christmas photo session with kids

A Simplified Guide to Flash Photography

Many people have the notion that the simplest solution to taking clear shots in a dark lit environment is to use flash. However, the truth is that flash looks so simple to use, yet so confusing. It is very unpredictable. You can take a beautiful shot with the flash on, and then the next one makes...

photo of the camera flashes

All You Need to Know About Exposure Compensation

Digital cameras can gauge the darkness or brightness in a scene and consequently determine the best exposure level for shooting in that particular scene. In photography, the term exposure refers to the amount of light reaching the sensor when shooting an image. Thus, we can define exposure compe...

exposure compensation button Nikon

A Simplified Guide to Water Drop Photography

Have you been looking at incredibly captured water drop photos and wondering how you can master the art of doing the same? If yes, then we’ve got you covered. This ultimate beginner’s guide to water drop photography explores how to design a water drop artificially, create an ideal background,...

water drop photography

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Backdrop Stand

One photography fact that may amaze you is that every 2 minutes, modern day people snap more pictures than the whole humanity did in the 17th century. Yes, that’s true. Only a few images were taken in 1800s, until the first commercial camera was introduced. Kodak reported that by 1999, we had al...

Photo of backdrop stand

A Comprehensive Guide to Photography Backdrops

One of the most essential features of successful photography is the background. In fact, one of the secrets behind shooting pictures that people like is paying attention to what’s behind the subject. As such, you might be thinking of purchasing the right photography backdrop to improve the quali...

white backdrop

Low Key Photography - A Beginner's Guide

Low key photography is one of the most challenging techniques of photography for both novice and experienced shooters. But you do not have to take a lifetime to master this form of photography because it involves illumination and elimination, just like most other forms of photography. The one thi...

Photo of chocolate cake, low key

A Definitive Guide to High Key Photography

At times you just want to capture your subject without a background. This is necessary when you have a brief, and you need the image for use on a white page. High key photography is the right technique to master for this. Although the concept of high key photography may seem easy, the execution te...

High key image raspberry